• This monsoon, try Ayurveda in Kerala

    This monsoon, try Ayurveda in Kerala

    Monsoon is considered not the perfect time to visit Kerala as it rains cats and dogs and travellers have no choice but to remain confined to their abodes. However, if you are planning to rejuvenate your body and recharge your spirits, then monsoon is the best season to visit God’s Own Country.

    Why Monsoon?

    Ancient texts prescribe the monsoon season (June-August) as the ideal time for Ayurvedic treatments. The atmosphere remains cool and dust-free – letting the pores of the body open to their maximum extent, making the skin most receptive to therapy. The softened environment makes mind and body more receptive to the therapies.

    Kerala’s USP

    Kerala with its over 1000-year-old tradition of Ayurvedic healing is also called the Mecca of Ayurveda. Its sacred groves are rich preserves of herbal wealth. Another interesting fact, herbs in Kerala are believed to have more potency than that found elsewhere in the world. Reason, the rich alkaloid content in the soil adds to the potency of the herbs.


    Kerala boasts of premier Ayurvedic centres, Ayurvedic clinics, resorts and spas. New generation physicians trained in modern diagnostic techniques, practise Ayurveda as a scientific discipline.

    Kerala government has introduced a certification system to classify Ayurveda treatment centres based on the quality and standard of services and products. Ayurveda centres are classified into Green Leaf and Olive Leaf categories. Classification ensures that therapies and treatments are offered only under supervision of qualified physician and that masseurs have sufficient training.

    Treatment and rejuvenation therapies

    Whether it’s a simple body massage to rejuvenation your senses or a treatment for a medical ailment, Kerala is the place for Ayurvedic treatments. Treatment can vary depending on a person’s body type, age and other factors.

    Try Panchakarma treatment, if you seek just a simple rejuvenation therapy. It’s the traditional way of detoxification and is designed to restore the natural state of health and wellness. The Panchakarma treatment also replenishes tissues, softens and soothes the nerves and bones promoting tranquility of mind and therefore keeping your body young and agile.

    Time period for treatments

    Ayurvedic treatments differ from one-another. Some treatments last for one week while some cures could last over 21 days. The cost of the Ayurvedic packages varies too.

    Dietary specifications

    Ayurvedic physicians generally advocate vegetarianism and abstinence from alcohol. Some physicians insist on Kerala food which is less spicy to ensure you get the benefits of the treatment.

    Source: travel.india.com

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