• Weight Reduction Package

    This is done in a more scientific & natural way, without any crash diet, over exercising & machine usage.

  • IT Package

    We have developed health packages for soft ware professionals to enhance their personal & professional life.

  • Beauty Care Package

    The Beauty care package is designed to give you a better complexion and to beauty the body figure.

  • Stress Management Package

    The holistic approach of Ayurveda tackles Stress related hazards in its own natural healthy way.

  • Rejuvenation Package

    The Rejuvenation treatment helps tone muscles, strengthen the system, invigorate the body & calm the mind.

  • Post Pregnancy Package

    An important aspect of a Women’s life, is to get back in shape after giving birth to a child.

  • This monsoon, try Ayurveda in Kerala

    This monsoon, try Ayurveda in Kerala

    Monsoon is considered not the perfect time to visit Kerala as it rains cats and dogs and travellers have no choice but to remain confined to their abodes. However, if you are planning to rejuvenate your body and recharge your spirits, then monsoon is the best season to visit God’s Own Country.

  • Herbal Knowledge of Kerala

    Herbal Knowledge of Kerala

    In Kerala, awareness of the medical use of plants probably existed since early days of history. The use of iron and the instruments spread in Kerala probably by 5th century B.C. This led to the agrarian trait of the society. The different ‘thinas’ referred to in ancient Tamil literature like pathittupathau, puranaanooru and akanaanooru existed in Kerala also1 which point to the beginnings of agrarian culture.

  • Aloe vera Skin Care

    Aloe vera Skin Care

    Immortality, Aloe Vera is today used as one of the most important ingredients in beauty as well as health products. With its highmedicinal qualities, the plant has long proved to be the natural remedy forvarious skin troubles and other ailments. It is a succulent plant that mostly grows in dry climates as in Africa and India and has been around for the past 5000 years.