• 14 JAN 14
    Post Pregnancy Package

    Post Pregnancy Package

    Postpartum care for new mothers in India is derived from the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda. After Delivery women has problems with anxiety, insecurity, weight gain, sagging abdomen, constipation, gas, weak muscles and back pain. The process of childbirth is a strain on the whole body, particularly the abdomen, lower back and hips. Getting body back to the pre pregnancy state is a most important task. Especially losing weight and getting back to the previous dresses is a difficult with restricted diet changes.

    This package includes Special medicated oil massage for toning the muscles, Vaidukulli (bath with medicated herbs & powders) & Ayurvedic abdominal binding (Gophana bandhanam) along with internal medications. Receiving daily peaceful massage with warm oil, rest and eating healthy food is crucial element to the Ayurvedic method of postpartum care.

    Post pregnancy package helps in:

    • Toning the sagging stomach
    • Relaxation of muscles
    • Uterus contraction
    • Improves blood circulation
    • Mobility of joints
    • Losing of pregnancy gained weight


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