It is a special type of massage done using medicated oils(selected acc. to the condition). It increases tissue strength, improves blood circulation, rejuvenates the whole body, removes cellulitis, beautifies the skin, anti-ageing, helps you to sleep better, promotes vitality, reduces imbalances,stress & toxins.


  • Abhyangam helps in enhancement of health and nourishment of skin
  • Prevents many rheumatic diseases
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Provides greater joint flexibility and range of motions
  • Improves vision and sleep
  • Normalises blood pressure
  • Helps to relieve body stiffness
  • Increases mind body co-ordination
  • Abhyangam massage is a protector, preserver, and rejuvenator

Abhyangyam literally means oil application all over the body. In this procedure prescribed oil is applied using different strokes  as per the need of the body. As per classical ayurveda texts, abhyangam should be done by everybody, every day who desires good health and happiness.

They also state 2 type of abhyangam, one which is supposed to be done daily is the self massage with specific oil suitable as per one’s body constituition and seasonal changes. The other is the therapeutic abhyangam where u need to be massaged by a therapist with specific oil according to the ailments. This oil should be prescribed by an ayurvedic physician.

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